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How Much A Loft Conversion Roughly Costs

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  • 02-03-2022
How Much A Loft Conversion Roughly Costs

Are you asking: how much does a loft conversion cost roughly? This article explores the range of cost factors that ned to be considered when converting a loft. 

Converting A Loft

It can be frustrating when people discover they have run out of living space or usable room within their home. Some people may not know what to do about this lack of space, with some considering moving to a larger property to add floor space. This can be for several reasons, such as having a growing family that requires them to seek additional room.

However, another alternative can save money and the hassle of finding a larger property to move into. You could choose to build upwards and convert your loft into an extra space.

Depending on how far your attic conversion goes, this would give you more space and storage room or turn your loft into a completely new loft room, whether a bedroom or other functioning space.

But loft conversions are a major project that should not be undertaken lightly. There are many factors to consider and questions to answer before you start.

 How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost Roughly?

The wide range of possibilities open to you when you choose to convert your loft need to be taken into account. It can be tricky to know where to start with a loft conversion.

Luckily you're reading this article. Here we will take you through some of the key considerations you need to make when deciding on a loft conversion.

This article will mostly focus on the price of loft conversions and how you can save yourself some money, but we will also cover some of the work involved in a loft conversion so you can know what to expect.

What Does A Loft Conversion Cost?

Like any other major construction project, the cost of your loft conversion will depend on a variety of choices you make. Loft conversion prices can vary widely depending on the scale of your proposed project.

While the scale has a lot to do regarding your loft conversion costs, the type of loft conversion you choose will also dramatically affect the price.

Cost By Size Of Loft Conversion

One of the biggest questions is how much does a loft conversion cost? Again, the size of your loft conversion is the biggest determining factor regarding how much value the overall project will cost you, followed closely by the style of conversion you choose to go for.

Here we have summarised a few different sizes of loft conversion with their relative, average prices:

2 Roof Lights

Windows, (5X4)

£ 20,000-22,000/avg

2 roof lights

Window, (5X6)

£ 26,000-28,000/avg

4 Roof Lights

Windows, (5X4)

£ 22,000-24,000/avg

2 Roof Lights

Windows, (8X12)

£ 40,000-42,000/avg

4 Roof Lights

Windows, (8X12)

£ 42,000-44,000/avg

4 roof lights

Window, (5X6)

£ 28,000-30,000/avg

1 Dormer Window, 1 roof light


£ 30,000-32,000/avg

1 Dormer window, 1 roof light


£ 39,000-41,000/avg

2 Dormer windows, 2 roof lights


£ 43,000-45,000/avg

2 Dormer windows, 2 roof lights


£ 62,000-64,000/avg

1 Dormer window, 1 roof lights


£ 57,000-59,000/avg

 Common Conversions


This is another of the most popular loft conversion styles, alongside the Velux. Dormer conversions are flat-roofed extensions that change the sloping roof of your property.

They typically contain windows for more natural light and lighting for the interior attic space. Depending on the size of the Dormer extension you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere from:

£ 30,000 - 60,000/avg

Velux Conversions

A full Velux loft conversion costs, which are the most basic loft conversion project, will set you back somewhere between:

£ 15,000 - 20,0000/avg

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L shaped Dormer

With a standard Dormer conversion being priced at the lower end of the range mentioned above, at around £30,000, L-Shaped conversions run to the higher end in terms of final costs, costing between:

£ 40,000 - 60,000/avg

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 Alternate Conversions

Alternate Conversions

Alternative styled of loft conversion include hip-to-gable conversions, which ultimately change the shape of your roof structure towards its edge. We find Mansard loft conversion costs if we look towards the most expensive type of loft conversion.

These types of loft conversion will cost you (dependent on the type and scale of the project): 

A minimum cost is between:

£ 40,000 - 65,000/avg

For those with very deep pockets:

£ 45,000 - 70,000/avg


Mansard is one of the most expensive loft conversions you can opt for.

Mansard loft conversions will cost you between (depending on the size of the project):

£ 45,000 - 75,000/avg

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Hip-to-Gable: This is one of the more expensive styles of loft conversion, given the structural changes you will need to make to your property. Hip-to-Gable conversions involve changing the existing roof slope sides to gable walls.

These Hip-to-Gable loft-conversion costs can run anywhere between:

£ 42,000 - 65,000/avg

 Making The Most Of Your Money

While these prices may be shocking, it is important to remember that the size of your proposed loft conversion is the biggest deciding factor in how much it will cost. 

Therefore, the larger the loft conversion you have in mind, the more expensive the overall construction project.

You can take steps early on in the process to help you make the most of your money:

Take Your Time

Primarily we advise that you spend a lot of time working out exactly what you want from your loft conversion. This way, you can channel your resources and funds in the right direction to make the most of your money.

Consider Your Budget

You should think about your budget's size alongside thoroughly detailed planning. This way, you will have a fuller picture of your project and your limitations.

Cost By Type Of Loft Conversion

You can see how the size of loft conversion you choose can dramatically affect the price of the project. Even a small loft conversion will set you back roughly £20,000, with the most expensive ones running north of £60,000.

But here we come to the second consideration you need to make: the style of loft conversion. Here is a brief cost breakdown of the different average loft conversion costs for the different types of loft conversion you can choose from:

Velux Loft Conversions

£ 15,000-20,000/avg

Dormer Loft Conversions

£ 30,000-60,000/avg

Hip-To-Gable Loft Conversions

£ 40,000-65,000/avg

Mansard Loft Conversions

£ 45,000-70,000/avg

What Affects the Cost of a Loft Conversion?

Other than the size and type of loft conversion you want to complete, there are factors that can affect the costs. For example, your budget may be a significant limiting factor regarding loft conversion costs, seeing as you may or may not be able to afford some of the larger sized conversions in the lists above.

Additionally, you will want to consider the available living space in your home to see whether it is large enough to accommodate a particular size or style of loft conversion and whether it can be constructed regarding the appropriate building regulations and permitted developments.

What Affects The Cost Of A Loft Conversion?

These can include the type of roof you have on your property and whether you need to seek a Party Wall Agreement or apply for planning permission with your local authority.

For example, if your property stands within a conservation area.

All of these will increase the price of your project, so thinking about them early is the best way to prepare yourself and your budget for any loft conversion additional costs.

Here we will go through some more of these additional factors in detail. Before starting your loft conversion, you should consider these aspects in your planning stage.

Conversion Size

Again, the larger your proposed conversion project, the more expensive it will be to complete.

Instead, it would be better to save up for the size of conversion you want. This way, you can complete the job properly and fully the first time around.

Otherwise, it may cost you even more, to begin rebuilding your loft conversion when you have saved enough to expand it.

Not only will this method cost more, but it will also create more disturbance in your home.

Rather than having your home life disrupted in one go while you have your loft converted, this piecemeal approach means repeated interruptions to your daily life.

This can easily be avoided by simply saving for the size of conversion you want and having it constructed through a single project.

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Purpose of the Room

The cost of your loft conversion can also be affected by the specific purpose you select for the new space you are creating.

For example, you may need to consider additional sheet insulation, loose-fill insulation or blanket insulation costs.

Another example might be that you want the new loft space created by your loft conversion to become a bathroom.

A decision like this will affect every aspect of your project, from the planning process, where you will need to leave appropriate space for plumbing, pipework, underfloor heating and appliances, to budgeting for the additional costs of installing a bathroom. There are other things to consider regarding the purpose of the new space you are creating.

To stay with the bathroom example, you might want to think about having your boiler tested by a heating engineer to see if it is powerful enough to heat the water in your new loft conversion.

Alternatively, if you want to create a new office space in your loft conversion, you will need electrical sockets, which will have to be installed by a qualified electrician.

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Conversion Style

The second biggest determiner in how much your loft conversion will cost you is the style of conversion you choose for your project.

Due to the scale of this project, you will most likely need to apply for planning permission with your local council or local planning authority to conduct this style of conversion.

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Roofing Material

Naturally, the material you decide to use when constructing your loft conversion will also affect your costs. 

Felt or cedar shingles or concrete roof tiles are cheaper roofing options, while slate, metal, clay and fibreglass shingles sit at the other end of the cost scale.

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Windows and Glazing

The type of windows you choose to install in your loft conversion will also influence the price you pay for the project.

Alongside these considerations, you will also need to think about the framing materials you will use, as these can dramatically affect your costs, depending on what you choose.

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Party Wall Agreement

If your proposed loft conversion looks like it will affect your neighbour's property, for example, if you live in a semi-detached property or terraced house, you will most likely need a Part Wall Agreement. 

The Party Wall itself stands between your and your neighbour's terraced property, and you must notify your neighbours that you plan on making alterations to your property before the project begins, so they have time to file any grievances.

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Given that they occur in and around your roof space, most loft conversions will require scaffolding so the loft conversion labourers you hire to complete the work can reach the areas they need to reach.

Any additional materials you need to support structural components of your roof you need will also affect your costs.

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Rubbish Removal and Skip Hire

Your costs don't end once the project is finished and your loft conversion is completed with final inspections done. 

Most people choose to use a skip hire or muck away service to clear the waste from their properties. 

However, this can present unexpected costs if the skip is on your property for longer than you expected or if restricted materials are placed into it.

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