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Property Extensions

If you find yourself needing additional space in your home, why not consider a property extension instead of relocating? We at Classic Conversions can offer a professional and competent service.

The extended space is constructed according to your design ideas and custom made to fit perfectly with your property. Our in house design team will work with you to find out exactly what you want to achieve with your home extension and provide realistic solutions to meet the needs of your family.

Why should I extend my home?

Today, most homeowners are extending their houses to create space. This is often cheaper than moving home and it also enables them to continue living in the house they admire.

Given the modern technology available today, property extensions are more creative than ever. Our designers will work with you to develop a tailored solution for your home. Classic Conversions specialises in providing a one-stop solution, from initial design, planning, to the final construction.

Home extensions are flexible to create the following spaces:

  • Home office
  • Extended kitchen
  • Additional bedroom
  • Extended living space
  • Children's playroom

We will dedicate the time to complete your extension as you wish. Whatever your requirements are, you can always be sure that we will use our experience to come up with the perfect space for you. Call our team to discuss the options available to you for property extensions.